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In 1969, the nonprofit association Notmütterdienst (NMD) was founded. Today, the federal organisation is run from Frankfurt. There are now branches in Berlin, Hamburg and more recently in Koblenz.
The NMD provides child-care and household, for example, if suddenly a parent falls ill, the mother must have a cure, parents just want to vacation without children, etc.
In addition to that staff support for needy families caring for elderly or frail people has become a second focal point.
The nonprofit organization provides help where it is needed, namely at home, by the hour as well as round the clock.
Many families and seniors do not realize that this is possible, they do not very often know that health insurance, social services or insurance in particular, often take over the costs. These are also usually cheaper than the cost of a dormitory room.  The NMD also provides advice to the affected people.
Especially the needs and wishes of elderly and sick people are not often considered in our society, but everyone is entitled to lead a dignified life in old age with the greatest possible self-determination. For the employees in the association home care in contrast to nursing homes has the absolute priority.
In order to reach this aim the NMD fights every day by leading consultations with stakeholders and encourage social contacts with town halls, offices and insurance companies.

The first caregivers who in the seventies were included in a file with plug-in cards were mostly elderly women. After their children were grown and out of the house, the spouse perhaps died, they wanted to give her life a new meaning, coupled with an additional income for a  small pension.
Today, the family-care workers are still experienced ladies (and some men) of all ages, as well as professionals and students, who are engaged in round the clock care. There are now several hundred persons who are constantly working nationwide, and the NMD is always looking for new labour forces. Applicants must have a good intuition, experience in family-work and they should be happy to engage socially. Unlike many patient care services, it is not enough to just look purely to bring the food over, and to afford medical care. According to the experience of NMD in addition to the necessary work in the household, especially the personal approach, the physical care and maintenance as well as a leisure activity are important.

As working with children and with elderly often requires special knowledge, the NMD staff offers his support in several seminars each year, for example on how to deal with dementia patients.

Over the years, the NMD was honoured with many local, state and national awards, which shows that the association has provided valuable assistance in countless cases.


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